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Please see one day class list for 2012 - 2013 school year listed at after info. below.


Co-op is in a Central location in a peaceful neighborhood 

Popular Classes like Piano,  Praise and Worship Band with vocals

***And our popular science, P.E., and well-known art courses

 Not including utility fees,  P.E. is only $30./month, and other classes range from free to $40./mo.
(barring registration, lab and supply fees). Austin Christian Homeschool's  P.E. and Art are among the
most popular in the city and definitely the most reasonable for quality instructors.

Quality Teaching assistance
Solid Christian Atmosphere
Classes Range from Free to $40./mo.           

Classes offered in Math,
 Physical Education, Elem. Art, Drawing, Painting, Piano and others.

All Administrative Personnel are volunteer home school parents dedicated to the challenge of helping
educate grounded, happy students in an atmosphere which glorifies God.

*Convenient to (and members from) Leander, Cedar Park, Marble Falls (from 183); Georgetown,
Round Rock and Pflugerville from I-35 ); Elgin and Far West Austin (HWY 290), Luling,
Lockhart (from 183), Buda, Kyle (I-35); Dripping Springs, Driftwood (Mopac)...many parents carpool!!!

Class Schedule 2012 - 2013

(Note some class times may be flexible to accommodate student's class schedules)

Class Description (Updated)                    Austin Christian Co-op


                                                                                    Red River Church

          During and after registration, class times may be adjusted to accommodate student’s class schedules                                                                                                                                 

Start// Course Title                        Teacher                  Cost/mo.         Room fee /Mo        _____- Reg. Fee   


MATH      PLEASE NOTE:  All math courses 2 or more courses or siblings, $30.00 ea. per mo.

Pre-Algebra  though Pre-Calculus – Dale Stephenson – 246-2085   or cell:512-653-2198

9:00    7th-8th,Pre-Algebra                                   $35./ mo.       $8./mo.                             Text and Materials

An exceptional course which takes students to Algebra I.  Using excellent materials designed to aid students with retention and keep them on track

Text, Teaching Textbooks. Highly recommended by parents and teachers.____________________________________________________________

10:00     Algebra I                                                          $35./mo.         $8./mo.                  $87.00  Text & Materials

Algebra I taught in a college preparatory manner.  Teaching Textbooks Text  Most experts agree the best system available._________________


11:00    Geometry                                                         $35./mo          $8./mo.                   $87.00  Text & Materials

As geometry is a subject which many math courses do not adequately cover, this course offers materials required for graduation and modern

geometry applications. Course designed to  aid retention and prepare the student for future math and science. Text- Teaching Textbooks_______

12:00 Algebra II                                                        $35./mo.         $8./mo.                   $87.00 Text & Materials

Algebra II taught in an understandable, superior method.   Truly prepares students for future math and science. Text – Teaching Textbooks_____



ART                           512-395-7843  P. Nash

1:00    Elementary Art   (Ages 9 – 11)                                       $35./ mo.          $8./ mo.          $35.00Supplies

               Interesting and unique adventures in art with an experienced professional teacher.(Various mediums)           Per semester

 2:00    Elementary  Art (Ages 5 – 8)                                         $35./mo.           $8./ mo.          $35.00 Supplies

                   Interesting and unique adventures in art in many mediums) with an experienced, professional teache r             Per Semester__

3:00       Drawing                                                                                  $40./ mo.          $8./ mo.          $40.00 Supplies

              Using several methods and art history taught by an experienced professional teacher.__________________   Per Semester_      


PHYSICAL EDUCATION   (512)797-7186    

1:00    Physical Education (ages 5 – 8)                                   $30./ mo.            $8./ mo.      $25.00 Equip. fee

             Soccer, volleyball, basketball, running, track& field, and  fun gym games.__________________________________

2:00    Physical Education (ages 9 – 11)                                  $30/ mo.             $8./ mo.      $25.00 Equip. Fee

               Soccer, volleyball, basketball, boys football, cross country, track & field and gym games._________________________________

3:00     Basketball (8 – 11)                                                                   $25/mo.               $7./mo       $25. Equip. Fee

             Proper fundamentals and and skills preparing for competitive play____________________________________________________




PRAISE And WORSHIP BAND And VOCALS  (512) 797-7186  (ages 8 – 18)      Jason Birdwell

 11:00                                                                                                                $35/ mo                $8./ mo       See Instructor

             Instruction in instruments and vocals for praise and worship______________________________________________________


PIANO                               (214) 585-2148   Dot Amstutz     $25.00/wk                           See Instructor

_________ Lessons taught by experienced, excellent teacher____________________________________________________________________


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